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Our Services

Financial Solutions offers objective advice and investment management to help you reach your goals and find peace of mind.  We specialize in low-cost, well-diversified investing and coordinated, comprehensive financial planning.  We also offer efficient, hourly reviews and second opinions covering any financial topics you wish. 

John Fiege, CFP®, provides the highest standard of care as a fiduciary.  We are a fee-only firm, which means we get paid only by you.  We do not receive commissions, accept referral fees, or earn incentive awards. Your costs are clearly shown to you up front.

For a complimentary appointment, contact John at or 757-302-6131.

Payment Methods- We offer service by the hour, flat quarterly fee or percentage of assets under management, depending on the services you require.

Hourly Advice- Only pay for what you need.  Generally $150 for CFP(r) and $60 for assistant work.  We offer a complementary initial consultation to discuss your needs and estimate the value and cost of your planning investment.

Investment Management and/or Planning - We can manage your investments directly, indirectly, or offer advice you implement on your own.  Our investment services as a registered investment advisory firm through TD Ameritrade or we can provide advice in coordination with any broker or custodian you like.  We believe in low-cost, no-load, market efficient, tax efficient investments.  Analyzing your risk profile and helping you manage the inevitable ups and downs in the markets can help you increase the long-term return on your investments while also sleeping better at night.  We may help you avoid some of the higher-cost, occasionally high-risk tactics used by some in the industry.

Wealth Management - Financial Solutions can directly or indirectly manage your investments for you and provide you with peace of mind.  We offer access to well designed no-load, low-cost funds including Dimensional Funds, which are limited to Dimensional-approved investment advisors.  In addition, we advise on your full array of non-brokerage investments such as real estate, antiques, and commodities.  With our wealth management services you receive ongoing implementation and monitoring in accordance with your coordinated plan.  You will receive first-class service, scientific risk and investment planning and coordination of planning that give you both top-level service and peace of mind.

Retirement Planning - We see too many people make significant mistakes by thinking retirement planning is simply rolling over their 401k and a few other details.  We often save clients a significant amount of time, concern, aggravation, and money.  How?  We thoroughly review all aspects of your current situation and desired retirement including goals, investments, insurance, employee benefits, social security, pensions, expenses, and so forth.  We help you investigate many factors you may not have considered that are sometimes not covered by financial salespeople.  We help you understand your ability to tolerate risk and tie that directly to the appropriate investments to maximize return at the level of stability you need for peace of mind.  Ultimately we want you to have peace of mind about your decision to retire. 

Estate Planning - There is much to understand in this area of planning that can be costly or cause unintended results if delayed or improperly written.  We are not attorneys and DO NOT PROVIDE ANY LEGAL ADVICE, but work in coordination with these professionals to help you develop the best plan possible.   We are well educated on the financial issues surrounding estate planning and help you figure out a practical course of action, but the attorney must provide the legal advice and write the documents.  Unfortunately, many first time visitors to us have significant errors in their estate planning- including the lack of any of the basic documents- that should be looked into by an attorney.  These documents may include for each person a will, general power of attorney, medical directive (with a living will and health care power of attorney) and, occasionally, one or more trusts.

Tax Planning - We help you understand and, if possible, improve your current tax situation.  Too many people think of tax planning as figuring out what taxes can be saved after the current tax year is over.  However, planning needs to be done as far in advance as possible to keep your tax bill as low as legally possible.  Any major financial decision needs to be considered in terms of tax impact.  Working with your CPA is important to us to make sure the best of our ideas are properly implemented.

Insurance Planning - We review your needs and help you understand how insurance products like term life, long term care and disability can reduce your financial risks.  Property and casualty policies are reviewed for adequacy, pricing, and client service.    To be clear, we do not directly sell any insurance product.  We can help you buy what you truly need from other value-oriented providers- whether you like your agent or want to shop around.  Our job is to teach you your options so you can feel comfortable making decisions without any "sales" pressure.  We try to help you keep your risks under control and earn nothing from the sale of a product by an outside provider.  You may also feel better knowing that we have an extra eye on your risk management program.

College Planning - We help determine what your goals are as well as those of your children.  Next we help prepare a plan that reviews multiple details to work on, not just how much to invest and in what tax advantaged account.  We even work with kids to discuss financial planning and goal setting at their level.  Some clients have told us this has been a tremendous help for their children.

Financial Solutions excels at identifying and implementing the best strategies to help you achieve your personal and business objectives. We coach you and provide comprehensive, personalized wealth-management solutions. The broad spectrum of expertise we offer includes asset protection, estate and trust planning, financial planning, insurance strategies, investment advice, philanthropy strategies and tax planning. We will work with the professionals - lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, etc. of your choice. After evaluating your goals and risk tolerance, we can create a personalized investment plan that is in harmony with your financial objectives. We believe that a long-term investment strategy offers the strongest potential for realizing your desired rate of return. Long-term investing minimizes risk and allows for the selection of a sound asset-allocation strategy.

Call us today and let us put you on the road to financial peace of mind.                                 


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